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Mike Oddone - Music Producer / Audio Engineer

Graduated with honors from the Recording Institute of Technology at Musicians Institute, Los Angeles, CA. & Music Production from The Buenos Aires Music School (EMBA). He completed courses & studies of Mastering, ProTools HD & SSL 4k Series at TecSon.

Since then he has been working in studios and venues all around the country & continent. Getting to work with different artists like Carlos Baute, Thalia, Alex Ubago, Amaia Montero, Luciano Pereyra and many more. Nowadays he focuses at his own personal Studio at Buenos Aires, Argentina, having Mastering as his main activity. 

As an engineer, he developed and improved several monitoring systems around the country, looking for the best music reproduction. His passion to designing speakers grew over the years, opening the doors to musicians that look for the most gratifying musical experience.   



You can count with us to support you for any question regarding Mastering.


  Victoria, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

EMAIL / PHONE NUMBER & WA / +54 9 115174-6913

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